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Apple Inc.

Most projects are under NDA. Design process is Apple Confidential


Role: Production Design

Company: Apple Headquarters ATX

Projects*/Campaigns: Apple Shopping Event (ASE), Mother's Day, Release of iPhone 14 & 15


Software Used: Photoshop, Python script

*Released projects

I worked with the Digital Content Management team to produce ads, banners and create the most optimal experience for the company's online shoppers.


Thought Process

This design really demonstrates the use of hierarchy. Allowing the user to know what information to prioritize. There's a clear CTA button above the fold so the user knows what actions to take. The visuals are on the far left and right to provide balance and compliment the text rather than distract from it. The added use of graphics visually give the user an examples of what they can buy with a gift card without having to say it in words. Another way to convey the message faster. 

I also localized images for the Apple Online Store and Apple Store App, worldwide.

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