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Brand Design

The Calming Hour 

The Calming Hour is a massage therapy clinic located in Austin, TX. The Calming Hour focuses on delivering quality services that specifically target the needs of their customers. Their goal is to offer a unique experience while creating a peaceful space to foster healing and growth.


Role: Design Lead

Company: The Calming Hour

Projects: Grand Opening materials 

I was hired to create both print and digital assets for The Calming Hour's grand opening in Austin, TX. 

For the digital assets I created various social media content such as Instagram and Facebook post, as well as a weekly content calendar for one month. The weekly content calendar provided a detail overview of what content should be posted on which days along with a caption to go with the image.

For the print materials I created brochures, flyers, banners, business cards and intro rate cards.


Brochure Design

CH Broc mock up.png



CH Bro INSIDE_edited.jpg

Weekly Content Calendar example


Facebook Post

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